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In a world where everyone has magic, two young people must struggle to forge their own paths in a society that has branded them useless.
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About the story

In the Seven Lands, magic is everything. So what happens when you’re the only person who has none?

Nothing matters more to Derrius Mendi than forging a better life for his family by pursuing a formal magical education at the University, something his parents have sacrificed what little they had to make possible. When disaster strikes on the eve of his thirteenth birth moment—the day he was to receive his magical gift from the Stars—will he choose perseverance or bitterness as he struggles against a society that would rather forget he exists than help him succeed?

As the third son of an archmage, Orimund Laetus has spent his life living up to the expectations of others. When his testing goes horribly wrong, he must decide who he truly is when his carefully crafted upbringing is rendered useless. Setting off on an epic adventure of self-discovery, Orimund must find his place in the world before a looming evil destroys everything he holds dear.

From swashbuckling sea voyages and magical heists to unlikely friendships and budding romances, Master of the Void is a sweeping coming-of-age journey that follows a cast of misfit friends through times of heartbreak, fear, joy, laughter, failure, and triumph.

As a child, I would devour whatever books I could find in my dad's library. These are just a few of my early influences that helped shape the writer I would become. 

J.R.R. Tolkien

C.S. Lewis

Stephen Lawhead

My Books

Readers ages 10 and up will enjoy the vibrant fantasy world, relatable characters, and action-packed adventure of Master of the Void. 

What age is MOTV appropriate for?

future projects

Book 2 in the Master of the Void trilogy

Creature of the Void

Book 3 in the Master of the Void trilogy

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